On the 16th May 1873 a Grant of Arms was made to William Scantlebury of Porchester Terrace in the Parish of Paddington in the County of Middlesex.

The Arms granted were :-  "Argent two Chevronells Gules between as many Garbs in cheif Vert and a Level with a Level with plummet in base proper."

"A Cornish Chough proper holding in the beak an Estoile Or and supporting with the dexeter leg an Antique Shield vert charged with an Anchor also Or."

Rouge Croix of the College of Arms June 1953.



The Armorial Bearings of William Scantlebury as granted in May 1873.

Arthur John Scantlebury Esquire, late Capt. 3rd Middlesex Artil. (Vol.). Botn July 30, 1853, being the eldest son of the late John Scantlebury, Esq., Major 3rd Middx. Artill. (Vol.), of Broadoak, Clapham Common, Surrey by his wife Emma, dau. of George Healey.
Armorial bearings Argent, two chevronels gules, between as many garbs in chief vert, and a level with plummet in base proper. Mantling gules and argent. Crest On a wreath of the colours, a Cornish chough proper, holding in the beak an estoile or, and supporting with the dexter leg an antique shield vert, charged with an anchor also or.
Motto — "Et probus et verus."  Married, May 18, 1878, Jessie Ellen, second dau. of the late William Oliver Scantlebury of Barnham Court, Sussex ; and has Issue — Irene Healey. Residence — Wilton Lodge, Boxmoor, Herts. Club — Junior Constitutional.

Excerpt from Burke's Peerage

The Armorial Bearings of William Addison Scantlebury a direct descendant of William Scantlebury
    • Very easily a young person can feel the doors close around them School - knowledge - can break some of that.

      — - Joe Scantlebury
    • I've always said that I would not retire until there are at least 10 other African-American women in transplantation.

      — - Dr. Velma Scantlebury
    • The man who does not read books has no advantage over the man that can not read them.

      — - Michael Scantlebury
    • It's interesting when people just look at me and think I'm black and then when I open my mouth, they're like, 'Oh, wow..

      — -Dr. Velma Scantlebury
    • a family of farmers, mariners, sailors, coastguards, carpenters, tailors and builders originating from Cornwall in the 16th Century.

      — -Richard Scantlebury
    • go to heaven and have crowns and golden harps.

      —- Dr Vera Scantlebury Brown
    • Scantlebury Frequency: (143) (number of times this surname appears in a sample database of 88.7 million names, representing one third of the 1997 US..

      —- Richard Scantlebury
    • .
  • go to heaven and have crowns and golden harps.

    — - Dr. Vera Scantlebury Brown
  • I wished I had remembered that people think you are rude when you merely express an opinion somewhat different from theirs—they do not realise that we have minds of our own.

    — Dr. Vera Scantlebury Brown
  • An Iroko tree has fallen I was fortunate to be one of the many ‘not so young’ Corrosion Engineers that sat at his feet and Prof Scantlebury taught us well. .

    — - Dayo Olowe
  • Independence means freedom and being able to go out by yourself or go shopping or choosing where you live and who you live with..

    — - Josie Scantlebury
  • Thomas Scantlebury,"' he says " was the adviser, chiefly; while his son, John Barlow Scantlebury, took the more prominent part. I well remember that, on one occasion, the opponents of the church rates would have fatally committed themselves but for my father..