Parnella Zaier
(c 1590-Jan 1610)
Abel Scanterbury
(Mar 1619-)
Martha Browne
(c 1670-Nov 1689)
Honnor Best
(Jan 1686-Dec 1715)
John Scantlebury
(Jan 1718-)
Loveday Jeffry
(May 1716-Jan 1740)
Mary Scantellbury
(Mar 1749-Jan 1753)
Elizabeth Scantlebury
(c 1750-c 1778)
William Williams
(c 1780-Feb 1801)
William Scantlebury
(Jul 1783-Jan 1853)
Mary Orchard
(Oct 1781-May 1806-Jun 1834)
James Scantlebury
(Apr 1807-Jul 1874)
Mary S. Peters
(c 1810-Aug 1837)
Mary Scantlebury
(Jan 1840-Nov 1873)
James Scantlebury
(Feb 1842-Sep 1881)
Jane E. Scantlebury
(Sep 1844-Oct 1846)
George O. Scantlebury
(Jan 1846-1928)
Margaret A. Sabine
(1855-c 1878-1897)
John W. Scantlebury
(Nov 1849-Jun 1860)
Mary A. Scantlebury
(Apr 1810-Oct 1900)
William R. Moreton
(Apr 1810-Dec 1830-1875)
Elizabeth D. Moreton
(Aug 1831-Nov 1921)
James R. Moreton
(Oct 1834-)
Jane Scantlebury
(Nov 1813-)
Sarah W. Nellis
(Sep 1821-Dec 1845-b 1881)
Wallace F. Scantlebury
(c 1850-b 1901)
Eliza D. Metherell
(Aug 1861-c 1884-Jul 1918)
Ralph Vaughan
(Aug 1884-c 1905)
Sydney B. Miller
(Jan 1880-c 1905)
Minnie M. Scantlebury
(Sep 1855-1938)
George E. Batt
(Jan 1853-c 1895-1934)
Spurgeon C. Scantlebury
(Jul 1860-Nov 1925)
Elizabeth E. Loan
(Jan 1858-Sep 1884)
Eva Scantlebury
(Nov 1886-)
Ruth Scantlebury
(Aug 1888-)
Edwin W. Scantlebury
(Apr 1919-Dec 2008)
Harold E. Scantlebury
(Nov 1893-Apr 1961)
Glenna C. Kenyon
(Dec 1893-Nov 1916-May 1970)
Robert K. Scantlebury
(c 1921-Oct 2005)
Isabelle Fergusson
(Jul 1800-Nov 1836-Feb 1852)
Jessie Scantlebury
(Oct 1837-Dec 1872)
Archibald MacNeill
(c 1821-Apr 1855-Apr 1899)
Anne L. MacNeill
(Oct 1861-)
Neil R. MacNeill
(Jun 1867-1867)
Arthur A. MacNeill
(Feb 1870-Jun 1909)
Gower S. MacNeill
(Feb 1871-1872)
Ann Scantlebury
(Sep 1840-Dec 1928)
Mary Scantlebury
(Nov 1842-)
John Scantlebury
(Mar 1755-)
Ann Peters
(May 1754-Jan 1775)
Mary Scantlebury
(Feb 1775-)
Mary Reed
(Oct 1789-Oct 1806)
John Scantlebury
(Apr 1812-)
Richard Scantlebury
(Oct 1814-Mar 1887)
Anne Hawke
(Mar 1816-Apr 1840-Aug 1888)
William Scantlebury
(b Jan 1841-Dec 1897)
James Scantlebury
(May 1842-Mar 1863)
Richard Scantlebury
(Dec 1846-Dec 1910)
Mary J. Dawe
(Jun 1845-Sep 1870-Mar 1916)
Emma Scantlebury
(May 1873-Apr 1947)
John Scantlebury
(Sep 1876-Jun 1920)
Elizabeth H. Emmerson
(May 1877-Mar 1901-Sep 1956)
Lena Scantlebury
(Jun 1910-)
John Scantlebury
(May 1916-Feb 1984)
Edna Scantlebury
(Dec 1918-Dec 1925)
Richard Scantlebury
(Mar 1889-Jun 1960)
Elizabeth Sword
(Jul 1886-Dec 1909-Jun 1973)
Mary Scantlebury
(Jun 1910-)
Richard Scantlebury
(Nov 1912-Jan 1984)
Margaret Joisce
(Jan 1910-Mar 1944-Apr 2000)
Douglas H. Scantlebury
(Nov 1918-Mar 1998)
Ivy I. Steward
(Mar 1921-Dec 1940-Mar 1991)
John G. Scantlebury
(Dec 1923-Jun 1990)
John Scantlebury
(Jun 1851-)
Thomas Scantlebury
(Apr 1853-Jun 1891)
Bertha M. Neiderheiser
(Feb 1859-Aug 1883-Oct 1951)
Mabel A. Scantlebury
(Apr 1886-Sep 1905)
Ralph T. Scantlebury
(Oct 1887-Feb 1971)
Edna B. Van Ness
(Dec 1888-Dec 1913-Dec 1922)
Betty J. Scantlebury
(Feb 1915-Jul 2006)
Oliver G. Buhl
(May 1912-Jun 1940-Dec 1991)
Edna B. Scantlebury
(Jun 1916-Dec 2009)
Judson F. . H. Turton
(Jun 1904-Feb 1940-Nov 1969)
Richard T. Scantlebury
(Nov 1922-Apr 2015)
Mabel R. Ensign
(Nov 1891-Jan 1932-Mar 1984)
Lucy M. Scantlebury
(Aug 1890-May 1972)
George H. Scantlebury
(Mar 1859-Mar 1902)
Frances L. Mitchler
(1861-Dec 1882-Jan 1923)
William Scantlebury
(1886-Dec 1897)
Frank E. Scantlebury
(Jun 1888-Sep 1962)
Mable M. Heard
(Aug 1883-Jun 1907-Oct 1975)
Lois F. Scantlebury
(Apr 1908-Nov 1987)
John R. Scantlebury
(May 1910-Sep 1989)
Deda Dowling
(Mar 1909-c 1930-Jan 1981)
William H. Scantlebury
(Jan 1918-Apr 2002)
Dorothea H. Harr
(Jun 1919-c 1950-Feb 2013)
Ann Scantlebury
(Feb 1822-)
Eliza Dyer
(Dec 1831-Jan 1850)
John Scantlebury
(Apr 1827-Sep 1888)
Elizabeth Sampson
(Oct 1819-Oct 1848-Dec 1892)
Michael Scantlebury
(Mar 1850-Dec 1912)
Ellen Bennett
(Sep 1871-b 1881)
Minnie B. Scantlebury
(Mar 1872-Dec 1947)
Richard H. Everitt
(Dec 1866-Jul 1897-May 1929)
Mary A. Rowe
(Mar 1848-Dec 1881-Feb 1903)
Lawrence Scantlebury
(Dec 1882-Sep 1945)
Elizabeth B. Knight
(Feb 1883-Dec 1907-Sep 1957)
Lawrence J. E. Scantlebury
(Dec 1908-Jun 1912)
Phyllis B. Scantlebury
(Jun 1912-May 1990)
Arthur J. Ridout
(Jan 1906-Sep 1935-Mar 1991)
Douglas B. Scantlebury
(Sep 1915-Jul 1995)
Vera E. Newton
(Nov 1915-Dec 1939)
Harry Scantlebury
(Sep 1883-Dec 1958)
Emily Ellacott
(Nov 1915)
Herbert G. Scantlebury
(Oct 1885-Dec 1912)
Charlotte M. Hacking
(Nov 1886-Apr 1909-May 1960)
Fancis E. Scantlebury
(Mar 1911-Mar 1913)
Miguel G. Scantlebury
(1909-Dec 1994)
James Gist
(c 1832-Jun 1855)
James Scantlebury
(Jan 1785-Jun 1873)
Diana Dobel
(c 1788-Jun 1807-Jun 1851)
John Scantlebury
(Nov 1808-)
Harriet Scantlebury
(Nov 1810-Dec 1873)
Ann Scantlebury
(May 1814-Mar 1867)
John H. Scantlebury
(Aug 1824-Jul 1902)
Elizabeth Glover
(c 1825-Aug 1845)
Harriet E. A. Scantlebury
(Jun 1850-Mar 1852)
Annie Flynn
(Sep 1865-1903)
James Scantlebury
(Jul 1866-Jul 1867)
Annie J. Scantlebury
(1869-Sep 1943)
Charles H. Whedlock
(1875-Sep 1903-Sep 1922)
Beatrice E. Scantlebury
(Sep 1879-Aug 1880)
John H. Scantlebury
(Oct 1881-Mar 1883)
Catherine Parsons
(c 1800-Jul 1814)
John Scantlebury
(Dec 1814-)
William Scantlebury
(Feb 1820-Jul 1902)
Rebecca Spry
(Nov 1820-Aug 1842)
John P. Scantlebury
(Oct 1842-Feb 1876)
Jane Jeen
(Feb 1856-1926)
Elizabeth Scantlebury
(Jun 1837-Jan 1906)
Sampson Downing
(c 1837-Oct 1860-Jan 1923)
Charity Triplet
(Jan 1733-Jan 1762)
William Spry
(c 1760-Nov 1781)
Richard Scantlebury
(Dec 1764-Nov 1849)
Grace Maynard
(Jan 1769-Oct 1795)
John Scantlebury
(May 1800-Mar 1883)
Thomasin Deacon
(Dec 1799-Aug 1821)
Thomas W. Scantlebury
(1820-Mar 1846)
Elizabeth Fluister
(c 1816-b 1872)
Thomas W. Scantlebury
(Apr 1842-Mar 1922)
Anne Mardeling
(May 1845-May 1865-b 1872)
Thomas W. Scantlebury
(Feb 1866-Jan 1918)
Alice M. Paybody
(Dec 1866-Dec 1889-Mar 1952)
Sarah A. Scantlebury
(Jun 1867-Mar 1868)
Charlotte Smith
(Aug 1842-Aug 1872-Mar 1922)
Robert G. Scantlebury
(Dec 1872-Apr 1927)
Lavinia L. Matthews
(Dec 1879-Aug 1910-Sep 1950)
Robert F. Scantlebury
(Jul 1911-Jan 2000)
Margaret W. Banner
(Aug 1915-Dec 1936)
Eva Taylor
(Dec 1914-Mar 1968-May 1999)
Florence C. Scantlebury
(Sep 1912-Mar 2004)
Ada Scantlebury
(Aug 1874-Mar 1951)
Arthur Stone
(Dec 1872-May 1901-Dec 1933)
John Stone
(Sep 1901-Jun 1972)
Robert E. Stone
(Jul 1903-)
Edna Stone
(Sep 1904-)
Ivy L. Stone
(Sep 1906-)
Doris I. Stone
(Feb 1911-)
Florence Scantlebury
(Oct 1878-Jun 1963)
Bessie Scantlebury
(Oct 1886-Sep 1981)
Llewellyn M. Haynes
(Dec 1885-Sep 1919)
Ronald L. Haynes
(Mar 1921-Jul 1944)
Edgar S. Haynes
(Jul 1923-Oct 1996)
Mary D. Scantlebury
(Dec 1821-Dec 1885)
Joseph Medland
(Jun 1818-Sep 1844-Mar 1878)
Grace M. Scantlebury
(Dec 1823-Jun 1912)
Edward D. Scantlebury
(Sep 1834-Jan 1897)
Elizabeth Ormrod
(Jun 1845-Dec 1863-Apr 1929)
William F. Scantlebury
(Feb 1866-Feb 1922)
Charles H. Scantlebury
(Aug 1868-Aug 1947)
Mary R. Kempthorne
(Feb 1872-Jan 1894-Nov 1936)
Charles C. Scantlebury
(Dec 1897-Oct 1984)
Bernice E. Scantlebury
(Feb 1900-Feb 1993)
Russell L. Scantlebury
(May 1907-May 1956)
Clifford V. Scantlebury
(May 1916-Jul 2007)
Harry J. Henderson
(Jul 1869-Nov 1893-1935)
Frank J. Scantlebury
(Sep 1874-Feb 1932)
Florence Vannuys
(Jul 1876-Feb 1910)
Edward C. Scantlebury
(Oct 1881-Aug 1936)
Bessie M. Brown
(Feb 1887-1911-Jan 1974)
Kenneth Scantlebury
(c 1912-Dec 1913)
Marjorie M. Scantlebury
(Aug 1914-May 1959)
Richard Scantlebury
(Feb 1838-Jun 1887)
Elizabeth A. Trezise
(Mar 1839-Sep 1862-Mar 1876)
Elizabeth Scantlebury
(Nov 1843-Jun 1920)
John W. Higman
(Sep 1844-Oct 1866-Dec 1915)
Patience Oldver
(c 1730-Jul 1754-Dec 1786)
Mary Scantlebury
(Oct 1754-)
Richard Barrett
(c 1717-Dec 1748)
Mary Scanterbury
(Jun 1727-)
Joan Steer
(Mar 1734-Oct 1753)
Mary Scanterbury
(Jan 1754-)
    • Very easily a young person can feel the doors close around them School - knowledge - can break some of that.

      — - Joe Scantlebury
    • I've always said that I would not retire until there are at least 10 other African-American women in transplantation.

      — - Dr. Velma Scantlebury
    • The man who does not read books has no advantage over the man that can not read them.

      — - Michael Scantlebury
    • It's interesting when people just look at me and think I'm black and then when I open my mouth, they're like, 'Oh, wow..

      — -Dr. Velma Scantlebury
    • a family of farmers, mariners, sailors, coastguards, carpenters, tailors and builders originating from Cornwall in the 16th Century.

      — -Richard Scantlebury
    • go to heaven and have crowns and golden harps.

      —- Dr Vera Scantlebury Brown
    • Scantlebury Frequency: (143) (number of times this surname appears in a sample database of 88.7 million names, representing one third of the 1997 US..

      —- Richard Scantlebury
    • .
  • go to heaven and have crowns and golden harps.

    — - Dr. Vera Scantlebury Brown
  • I wished I had remembered that people think you are rude when you merely express an opinion somewhat different from theirs—they do not realise that we have minds of our own.

    — Dr. Vera Scantlebury Brown
  • An Iroko tree has fallen I was fortunate to be one of the many ‘not so young’ Corrosion Engineers that sat at his feet and Prof Scantlebury taught us well. .

    — - Dayo Olowe
  • Independence means freedom and being able to go out by yourself or go shopping or choosing where you live and who you live with..

    — - Josie Scantlebury
  • Thomas Scantlebury,"' he says " was the adviser, chiefly; while his son, John Barlow Scantlebury, took the more prominent part. I well remember that, on one occasion, the opponents of the church rates would have fatally committed themselves but for my father..