The following pages contain the little which is known concerning a family of no social importance, and will consequently, only be interesting to those connected with it. For such they are written, and to such addressed, without any apology for their publication. George William Marshall, 1866.

Albert Scantlebury

Albert and Jessie Scantlebury and their sons Albert John and Ronald. Albert the son of John Bartley Scantlebury served in the Royal Navy retiring with a rank of Chief Petty Officer.
Albert was a Chief Petty Officer aboard HMS Carnarvon which was a Devonshire-class armoured cruiser (10,850 tons displacement) of the Royal Navy. HMS Carnarvon was moved to Montevideo in October 1914 and later led cruisers at the Battle of the Falkland Islands on 8 December 1914.
Male, #70, born 8 Mar 1870, died 17 Apr 1956
Relationship9th great-grandson of John Skantilbew
FatherJohn Bartley Scantlebury born 17 Oct 1834, died 2 Mar 1913
MotherSusan Fudge born 25 Jan 1847, died 30 May 1910

Family 1

Jessie Glasson born Dec 1873, died Sep 1934

Family 2

Fanny Sherborne born 19 Nov 1894, died Jun 1955
Birth8 Mar 1870 Hope Cove, Devon 
Baptism3 Apr 1870 The Parish Church of St.Winwalloe, East Portlemouth, Devon, England1 
(Son) Census 18712 Apr 1871 Hope Cove, South Hewish, Devon, England; Head of household=John Bartley Scantlebury, Wife=Susan Fudge2 
(Son) Census 18813 Apr 1881 The Warren, St. Ives, Cornwall, England; chief officer Coastguard; Head of household=John Bartley Scantlebury, wife=Susan Fudge3 
(Royal Navy) Milit-End8 Mar 1888 HMS Ganges, England; Boy seamansigned on for 12 years he was described as 5ft 13/4" high with light hair & complexion and hazel eyes4 
(Seaman) Royal Navy8 Apr 1888 HMS Audacious; Ordinary Seaman4 
(Able Bodied Seaman) Royal Navy5 Oct 1889 HMS Belleishe4 
(Leading Seaman) Royal Navy8 Nov 1895 HMS Orlander4 
(Petty Officer) Royal Navy20 Sep 1897 HMS Orlando4 
(Petty Officer) Royal Navy19 May 1898 HMS Vividi, Devonport, Devon, Canada4 
Description8 Mar 1900 height of 5ft 5" with fair hair, grey eyes, fair complexion and a cut on left hand4 
(Groom) Marriage31 Jul 1900 Parish Church of St. Andrew and St. Luke, Stoke Damerel, Devon, England; Bride=Jessie Glasson, Brother of the Groom=Arthur Scantlebury, Father of Bride=John Glasson, Father of Groom=John Bartley Scantlebury, Mother of Groom=Susan Fudge5 
(Head of household) Census 19016 Apr 1901 34 Pasley Street, Devonport, Devon, England; Wife=Jessie Glasson6 
(Chief Petty Officer) Royal Navy4 Feb 1908 HMS Surly; HMS Surly was a Rocket-class destroyer of the Royal Navy4 
(Royal Navy) Milit-End21 Mar 1917 HMS Vivid, Devonport, Devon, England; Albert was pensioned off as a Royal Navy Chief Petty Officier4 
Residence1919 2 Kings Road, Brislington, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England; Principal=Jessie Glasson, Witness=Albert John Scantlebury, Witness=Ronald Scantlebury7 
(Witness) Marriage12 Sep 1931 The Parish Church of Brislington, Brislington, Bristol & Somerset, England; Bride=Muriel Esme Chick, Groom=Albert John Scantlebury5 
(Groom) Marriage2 Apr 1935 The Parish Church of St. Christopher, Brislington Bristol, Gloucestershire, England; Bride=Fanny Sherborne, Witness=Ronald Scantlebury5 
1939 Register29 Sep 1939 2A Kings Road, Bristol, Somerset, England; Principal=Fanny Sherborne8 
(Deceased) Death17 Apr 1956 Osborne House, Bay Road, Clevedon, Somerset, England; Informant=Albert John Scantlebury9,10 
ChartsDescendants of John Skantilbew


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    • Very easily a young person can feel the doors close around them School - knowledge - can break some of that.

      — - Joe Scantlebury
    • I've always said that I would not retire until there are at least 10 other African-American women in transplantation.

      — - Dr. Velma Scantlebury
    • The man who does not read books has no advantage over the man that can not read them.

      — - Michael Scantlebury
    • It's interesting when people just look at me and think I'm black and then when I open my mouth, they're like, 'Oh, wow..

      — -Dr. Velma Scantlebury
    • a family of farmers, mariners, sailors, coastguards, carpenters, tailors and builders originating from Cornwall in the 16th Century.

      — -Richard Scantlebury
    • go to heaven and have crowns and golden harps.

      —- Dr Vera Scantlebury Brown
    • Scantlebury Frequency: (143) (number of times this surname appears in a sample database of 88.7 million names, representing one third of the 1997 US..

      —- Richard Scantlebury
    • .
  • go to heaven and have crowns and golden harps.

    — - Dr. Vera Scantlebury Brown
  • I wished I had remembered that people think you are rude when you merely express an opinion somewhat different from theirs—they do not realise that we have minds of our own.

    — Dr. Vera Scantlebury Brown
  • An Iroko tree has fallen I was fortunate to be one of the many ‘not so young’ Corrosion Engineers that sat at his feet and Prof Scantlebury taught us well. .

    — - Dayo Olowe
  • Independence means freedom and being able to go out by yourself or go shopping or choosing where you live and who you live with..

    — - Josie Scantlebury
  • Thomas Scantlebury,"' he says " was the adviser, chiefly; while his son, John Barlow Scantlebury, took the more prominent part. I well remember that, on one occasion, the opponents of the church rates would have fatally committed themselves but for my father..